Breylan is one of a kind.

Breylan is one of a kind. If you are seeking a PROFESSIONAL, RELIABLE, HONEST agent look no further.

We started our search back in November of 2014. I started like most first time home buyers going to open houses and meeting agents that were either uninterested assistants or pushy agents. I found a cute house online that was listed by Breylan, happened to Yelp him, found these reviews and my husband and I met up with him the very next weekend for coffee and a tour. He was stuck with us for the next nine months .....

In January of 2015 we found what we thought was our perfect house. We made an offer and there were some issues on the listing end that were not disclosed. Breylan fought for us till the bitter end and was very supportive even during the times when he was giving his recommendations to "kill the deal". My husband and I knew he was right but Breylan was so patient knowing that we had to do it when the time was right for us. He rode the ride and kept extending the offer and fighting the sellers to get the deal closed. Needless to say, we killed the deal on the promise that he would find us the perfect house.

Not only is he professional, reliable and honest he also sticks to his word. In May of 2015 he found us our perfect house. We moved in July 2nd and are so thankful in this market we had Breylan to seek out this little slice of paradise for us. We had our wedding at our home and Breylan was such a big part of the last 9 months of our lives he was top on our guest list. This house wouldn't have been complete without anyone else finding it for us.

Other things about Breylan:

- He never stops working.
- Even when you tell him it's not important and for him to enjoy his vacation - He still responds
- He writes up deals at all hours
- He is very funny
- Great sense of style
- He has a great vision for houses so if you are looking for a "fixer" he will definitely help show you the way
- He will always let you make the decision
- He never pushes
- He will not waste your time
- He knows the best neighborhoods

- Stacie M., Portland, OR

He found me the cutest, move-in ready home!


He found me the cutest, move-in ready home, and met all the goals I had in purchasing. After the purchase of my home he has been there to answer questions, provide suggestions and contacts for projects I am interested in completing to enhance my home. HE CHANGED MY LIFE. I needed a home urgently and Breylan found the perfect home, in a very quick timeline, in a neighborhood I adore, and in a price range I could afford.

He listens, responds, cares, and makes things happen. His solid reputation in the real estate industry is an asset to any buyer or seller. He is well respected amongst industry professionals, and even won an award in Portland for his performance and dedication to clients in 2014.

Breylan is a joy to work with, and above all truly cares about his clients needs now, and in the future.

I highly recommend Breylan Deal-Eriksen to my family, friends, and clients. He is absolutely outstanding.

He is a true professional, and goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

- Heather P., Portland, OR

Breylan is an absolute all-star.

Breylan is an absolute all-star. I have nothing but good things to say about him.

He always responded back to my emails faster than I could write him.

He toured properties while I was out of town.

He handled all of the inspections for me, and on top of that, his network of inspectors is incredible. The detail of the reports I got catalogued everything down to chipped paint.

He knew exactly what I was looking for and made sure that we found it.

I cannot recommend Breylan strongly enough. If you're looking for someone to help you find the perfect starter home, the next upgrade, or the right investment, Breylan is your man. And beyond he is just fun to spend time with.

I might have to start looking for another house just so I can have an excuse to cruise Portland making jokes with Breylan.

- Luke C., Portland, OR

I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am...

I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am that I chose Breylan as our real estate agent.

I called him in a real pickle one day after I got the news from our landlords that we had to move out of our rental. My husband and I wanted to buy a house for some time but weren't sure we could with our credit and income restrictions (that's where the amazing Jake Planton at Rose City Mortgage comes in). From the day I placed that phone call to the day we got our keys to our home was 26 days.

Now I realize that the home buying process doesn't go as smooth for everyone as we were fortunate enough to experience, but I give all the credit to our amazing team. Breylan dropped everything and made us a priority. We got into the home of our dreams at a great price and in no time. He was available to me at all hours with questions and concerns. He is very knowledgable of the current market and knew just what to look for to find the right property. Not only is he gifted at what he does, he is very passionate about his work and it shows. It is obvious he gets great joy out of finding his clients the perfect home.

I urge anyone considering buying a home to use this team. You will be well taken care of.

- Amelia S., Portland, OR

I can't say enough great things about Breylan.

I can't say enough great things about Breylan. My husband and I connected with him pretty early on in the process of buying our first home. It was an all around daunting experience, but we were extremely lucky we had Breylan's support from the start.

He patiently guided us through the process, answered all our countless questions speedily (email responses were typically within 15 min or less), and stayed in touch with us daily on new listings. And although I'm sure he had other clients, we always felt like we were his only clients. His focus on finding us a home and being available to us whenever we needed was just incredible.

Most importantly, Breylan delivered and found us the perfect house. I highly recommend Breylan if you're looking for a real estate agent in Portland.

- Mimi R., Portland, OR

I can't say enough great things about Breylan!

I can't say enough great things about Breylan! We worked with him as first time homebuyers in Portland. Being young and new to the area, Breylan was an incredible resource: patient, knowledgeable, and always eager to help.
Ultimately we fell in love with house in DT Vancouver and, unfortunately, Breylan is not licensed in WA. Even though he had put in a lot of hard work, he was gracious with this news and still very happy for us.
Although we couldn't close with him this time around, if my husband and I ever buy in Oregon, we wouldn't consider contacting anyone else!
I highly recommend him!

- Dione P., Vancouver, WA

Breylan is patient, smart, honest, optimistic...

Breylan is patient, smart, honest, optimistic, and very responsive. He'll help you find not only a home, but a neighborhood and community. He knows the ins and outs of Portland--where the nearest restaurants & bars are, which coffee shops are close & good, and the best places to relax or play.

Breylan's energy, humor, and advice turn what could be an overwhelming, tedious process into a lot of fun.

I highly recommend Breylan to anyone looking to buy or sell. He's casual but professional, and his sense of humor makes the homebuying process a stress-free and positive experience. He's an incredible resource who's committed to his city and his clients' well-being.

- Megan W., Portland, OR

If you are looking for a realtor in the Portland area- you need this dude.

If you are looking for a realtor in the Portland area- you need this dude. We worked with him and Jake Planton at Rose City Mortgage (rosecitymtg.com/jake). to buy our FIRST home. Needless to say, we had little idea of the amount of steps needed to buy a house.
We were referred to Jake by a family member, and we got a few realtors from Jake. Breylan responded within hours to my email to meet up and see homes. We sent a few links back and forth on what we liked and what was available. Jake and Breylan chatted about our price point and probable loan amount. We met a few days later for coffee and our first tour. That night we put in an offer on the 4th house we saw that day. The next morning our offer was accepted (and beat out another offer!!).
We were at the house during the inspection that Breylan set up- and he uses great people. We got thousands of dollars worth of work, paid by sellers, done on our house before we moved in. He coordinated all of it. We didn't have to work with a single contractor. We are now closing a few days early.
Breylan and Jake have walked us through literally everything. Breylan knows what he is doing, and is incredibly responsive. If you are buying a house in PDX, especially if it is your first home, you need to use this pair.

He is super friendly, so fun, and really generous. He totally loves his job and loves getting his clients into homes they love in areas they love. He has great knowledge of Portland, and loves it here. It was the easiest thing to buy a house. All of my questions were answered within minutes of me asking them. This can be a stressful thing, but we moved to Portland from New Orleans, LA on July 18th, and we are moving into a house on August 20th.

Can't go wrong with Jake and Breylan. The best.

Karen F., Portland, OR

As first time home buyers...

As first time home buyers we had some pretty daunting expectations about the process of buying a home. From the moment we first met with Breylan, we felt much more at ease. Throughout the entire process Breylan was very knowledgeable and responsive, as well as exceptionally personable. We would like to highly recommend this broker!!

- Brittney M., Portland, OR

Let me add some summary gravitas from the ancients...

Most of the people writing reviews here seem to be about one tenth of my age. They shouldn't be allowed out on the street. So let me add some summary gravitas from the ancients: what they all said.
So you have your first clue: intergenerational skills. Breylan respects my wrinkles and where they came from. More importantly, he listens, and he reads body language. I suspect it took him 37 seconds to figure out that as a somewhat experienced property investor I was 100% ready to bail from the fizzy Portland market, the instant the least little thing irked me. He put together a tour that exactly matched my need to absorb a spectrum of properties and think about them from lots of angles. He provided background and detail when it was requested, and as he got bolder, began to provide it slightly before I requested it. He figured out what I knew and didn't need to be told, and what I didn't know and how to let me know it without getting himself injured. He made me laugh, and even better, he appeared to think I was funny. I'm actually hilarious, but funny works.
Professionalism during all this: over the top. Every question answered. No pushing. Every email answered almost AS I hit Send. Every text, same. (Does this man have no life?) Small bidding war, handled. Won. Inspection, handled. Documents, zero errors, any explanation I needed given promptly. From doubting I'd buy anything till closing a sale? 8 days.
His background in escrow is invaluable, even as all the rules and details seem to be changing -- I mean, seriously, 8 days???
Breylan is the best. Do not question these wrinkles.

- Sally D., Corvallis, OR

Then, we found Breylan.

My boyfriend and I moved to Portland and started our search for realtors in August to find our very first home. New to the city and the home buying experience, we were anxious and prepared for a long and draining next few months.

Then, we found Breylan.

The first day, we went to work. He took us on a tour of the city, going to 6 or more houses, all in different neighborhoods so we could weigh the pros and cons, learning about safe areas of the city with houses within our budget. He educated us about future improvements that were being made in each neighborhood and empowered us with a detailed walk-through of each home, so that we could know what to look for. As excited as we were in each house, we weren't feeling that spark. Breylan suggested we stop by his office for a look at any new listings that had been posted that day, and he took us to one more house.

Great neighborhood, under budget, beautiful garden, low maintenance - it was exactly what we had envisioned, and more. We found our home.

Breylan knew exactly how competitive the house would be, and exactly what we would need to do to make ourselves stand out in the crowd. We customized our application that day with his delegation, and the buyers accepted our offer among many others.

From that point on, the experience was effortless. Breylan constantly communicated with us each step of the way, instantly answering the many questions we had throughout the closing process. Being well-connected in the Portland community, Breylan organized for all home inspections to be done in just a few hours, one of which was discounted. He even connected us with a very helpful home insurance agent.

This experience has been an absolute joy, thanks to Breylan! He looks at this process as an opportunity to educate and empower homebuyers, making each step simple, smooth, and fun! I highly recommend him - he really is one of a kind.

- Marissa F., Portland, OR